Important Notice: Our services and pricing are currently going undergoing changes. Prices may vary as they are not finalized.

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Includes Everything.

Website Design & Maintenance

In this option, Mehonal handles everything for you, including:

  • Registering and maintaining your domain
  • Linking and regularly checking your website hosting
  • Linking your website to a quality Content Delivery Network if necessary
  • Encrypting the website traffic using an SSL Certificate
  • Optimizing the website to be as fast as possible
  • Providing you with spam protection
  • Taking daily backups of your website
  • Implementing regular security checks on your website
  • Ensuring your website is constantly up and running
  • Ensuring your website is always fast
  • Providing you with a business email address
  • Setting up and upkeeping technical SEO mesasures on your website
  • Integrating Google Analytics so you can see your website visitor statistics

The cost of Mehonal’s website design and maintenance packages have a fixed $499 one-time cost, and $49/month. If you want an eCommerce website that allows people to purchase products through its interface, the monthly cost is $16 more than the standard website design and maintenance plan.

Only Includes Website Design

One-Time Website Design

In this option, you are in charge of purchasing, configuring, and maintaining the web hosting, domain, SSL, and CDN of your website. You are entirely in charge of the security and spam protection. Mehonal simply designs your website after you have provided it the required framework, and leaves you with the finished product, that is your designed website. From this point onwards, you take care of your website.

This service does not include domain, hosting, SSL, CDN, or other services within managed website packages. In other words, you’ll have to pay for those on top of the one-time website design cost from Mehonal.

Mehonal is not responsible or accountable for any security issues that may arise in one-time website designs.

The cost of one-time website designs starts from $499 and ranges up to  $2,000 depending on your needs. If you need advanced custom functionality on your website, you may also consider reaching out to us to have a web-app coded for you.