Important Notice: Our services and pricing are currently going undergoing changes. Prices may vary as they are not finalized.

Additional Website Revisions

This page is dedicated to website changes available for existing website subscriptions.

Revision Request Cost: $5

Any time you request for changes, there is a $5 fee for the request. In order to avoid paying for multiple revision requests, you can send multiple requests at one time.

Possible Revisions

The revisions you may request are listed below.

Heading/Title Change: $1 per heading replacement

This refers to changing the heading or title of a page on the website. The cost is $1 per such replacement.

Menu Items Change: $2

The “Menu Items” here refer to the navigation menu of the website. If your website is a restaurant, or features an actual “Menu” page, this is not relevant to that.

Text Change: $3 per block of text provided to replace

If you have an existing chunk of text on a page, you may provide the replacement text to change it with.

Image Change / Addition: $3 per image provided

If you have an image to be changed on a page, you may provide the replacement image to change it with. Alternatively, if you would like to add a new image on the website, you may provide the image and where you want it added.

Blog Post Submission: $5 per blog post

If your website has a “blog” section, you may send the content of the blog for us to add it to your website on your behalf.

New Product Addition: $20 per product

This service is available for websites with a shop, and refers to adding a new product to the website.

New Page: $50 per new page

This refers to adding a new page to the website.