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About Us

Mehmet Erdem Onal

Mehmet erdem Onal

Founder of Mehonal

Web Designer

Ever since my youth, I had a goal of mastering website development and marketing. Over the years, I researched and selected professional resources to learn about what makes websites function the way they do, and how to make them.  My specialized areas of study include coding, security, and website design.  

Given the ubiquitous nature of web development material, it sufficed for me to refer to sources such as courses, podcasts, and public tutorials.  I made steady progress with them, not requiring the guidance of tutors nor the assistance of colleagues.

I dabbled in web design over the past five years, growing motivated by my fascination of coding’s endless freedoms.  By late 2019, encouraged by my lasting excitement and dedication, I decided to turn my hobby into a business by opening Mehonal Niagara Web Design.