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Who is "Mehonal"?

A word from the Founder

Ever since my youth, I had a goal of mastering website development and marketing. Over the years, I researched and selected professional resources to learn about what makes websites function the way they do, and how to make them. My specialized areas of study include coding, cybersecurity, and website design.

I dabbled in web design over the past five years, growing motivated by my fascination of coding’s endless freedoms. By late 2019, encouraged by my lasting excitement and dedication, I decided to turn my hobby into a business by opening Mehonal Niagara Web Design.

Today, we offer services varying from managed web design – perfectly suitable for individuals or small businesses – to full-pledged web applications.

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What do I offer?

What's Included

Quality Hosting & Domain Registration + Management included.

Hosting & Domain is on us.

Let Mehonal take care of your website’s domain and hosting set-up and renewal as you sit back.

Your website's security is our job.

Website Security

It is our top priority to keep your website secure. We take all measures possible to ensure website security.

Let a professional set-up and implement SSL encryption on your website so data flowing through it is secure.

We protect your website from spam.

Spam Protection

Spam can be annoying, and sometimes dangerous. Mehonal takes measures to protect you from spam.

Nobody likes a slow website.

Website Optimization

Nobody likes a slow website. That’s why we make sure your website is optimized to be as fast as possible.

Nobody likes a slow website.

Content Delivery Network

We load your website’s content from the nearest location to your visitors using our paid premium CDN service, provided to you for free.

Note: This service is not activated on all websites. CDN will be used where seen as having a greater benefit than harm.

Get on Google.

Search Engine Optimization

We make sure that your website is optimized to be on Google.

Who's visiting your website?

Website Analytics

We set up and integrate Google Analytics so you can view your visitors whenever you’d like.

Plan B? C? D? E?

Website Backups

Ever wanted to travel back in time? Just get a website subscription from Mehonal!

Much more than you'd need...

and much more.

Providing you with quality is our duty.


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